The successful organisation of the Monsanto Tribunal was only possible thanks to the many people and organisations who supported the process, and participated in the crowdfunding campaign.

The money collected has been used to pay the travels of the witnesses, experts and lawyers from five continents, to hire professionnal translators and to arrange the logistics of both events: the hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal in Ocotber 2016 and the presentation of the legal opinion in April 2017. No Organising Committee member nor participant (including the judges) was paid. Most of the work was done by volunteers and we are all very happy that we could be part of this important step towards an end to corporate impunity.

Together we have achieved a major goal but the process is not over. We need your help to spread the legal opinion of the judges as wide as possible in order to make sure that our common efforts result in the maximum effect. In addition, the Monsanto Tribunal wants to support the victims of Monsanto (and Bayer in case of a merger) in legal cases. Therefore, any donation is welcome. Please click here to donate.

The funds raised will go to the Monsanto Tribunal Foundation, headquartered in Amsterdam. Through its commitment to transparent, ethical and exemplary governance, the Steering Committee will exercise its utmost vigilance to ensure the proper use of money given to the Foundation.



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